psych prof:we'll also be doing presidential style debates in this class.
me:*immediate death*




dear Matty, there are 3 t’s in petticoat and you missed them all.


💎 少し女 🌺

just saw someone with a tumblr bumper sticker???


Nanda Vigo


i’m gonna name my firstborn “arial”

and people will be like “oh like the mermaid”

and i’ll say “no like the font”


today was my first day of college wooooo!

so here’s a tiny cute little story: i have a mini converse shoe on my key ring that i’ve had since i was around 5. i was walking onto campus, nervous as hell, and there’s this kid walking next to me. he kept looking over at something and i finally realized it was at my mini shoe. i internally lol because aw shoe envy, but then notice his key ring AND HE HAS A MINI SHOE ON HIS TOO. we both laughed and then went our own ways, but how precious!??

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